Trichology: the study of hair &scalp disorders



One of your  first lines of defense against hair loss is your professional hair stylist. Your stylist can be a true ally with their knowledge of various disorders, as well as giving reasons why and regimens to prevent, treat or slow the process of these disorders by selecting the most appropriate treatment. 


Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis

Determine the following Irregularities.

  1. Weak, Thinning and Hair Shedding.
  2. Scalp Problems.
  3. Dry & Flaky Scalp.
  4. Dead Skin Cells.
  5. Psoriosis
  6. Alopecia


Traction Alopecia

This refers to hair loss which occurs when traction (tension) is placed on the hair; primarily by a strong pulling force being applied to the hair. Commonly seen in braid weave hairstyles; where tight tension is used pulling the hair at the base of the scalp. The hair loss usually improves once the habit is precluded; however, in some severe cases it is permanent.  Change your hairstyle to allow the hair to rest from stress of braids or wearing styles that pull the edges back for long periods of time.